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What are Standards and Codes of Practice?

There are four key sets of standards currently available in the UK. We are able to offer certification to any or all of these:

(1) UK Rehabilitation Council (UKRC) Standards - Hallmarks of a Good Provider. Published in February 2009 by the United Kingdom Rehabilitation Council (UKRC), and were commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and part funded by the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives (SCHWL).

According to UKRC

The Standards aim to help potential users make informed choices when selecting quality rehabilitation providers who can deliver the right solutions. The Standards also aim "to create a framework which recognises best practice and safe delivery by skilled and experienced practitioners" and "to influence the creation of cost-effective services".

Get a copy of the UK Rehabilitation Council (UKRC) Standards - Hallmarks of a Good Provider

(2) British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS-150 Providing Rehabilitation Services - Code of Practice. The Publicly Available Specification 150: Providing Rehabilitation Services - Code of Practice published by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Development was sponsored by the United Kingdom Rehabilitation Council (UKRC) and enabled by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). It came into effect on 9 in April 2010.

Get a copy of PAS 150 Providing Rehabilitation Services - Code of Practice























(3) Case Management Society UK (CMSUK) Standards. Originally published in February 2005 with a second edition in 2009, CMSUK states "case managers can use these Standards to ensure that they are providing a quality and safe service for the benefit of service users, and commissioners can use the Standards to establish that case managers are able to adhere to levels of competent work developed and prescribed by a body of experienced peers".

Get a copy of the Case Management Society UK (CMSUK) Standards 2009


(4) Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) Standards of Practice. Published in 2007. The VRA describe Vocational Rehabilitation as "a process of facilitation, grounded by a belief in the dignity and worth of all people, designed to assist people with impairments or health conditions to secure employment and to integrate into the community".

Get a copy of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) Standards of Practice

According to BSI

PAS 150 is ‘a code of practice for the delivery of rehabilitation services for all disabilities and health conditions, with both short- and long-term needs. It covers providers in health, social care and employment and focuses on the interdependence between work, health and wellbeing. It aims to improve the quality, efficiency, value and outcomes of rehabilitation services through setting out recommendations for providers working in all sectors, including statutory and non-statutory services’. PAS 150 is designed to support the service user’s journey through early and specialist rehabilitation, community rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation.

BSI recommends

PAS 150 can be used for several purposes:

  • As a tool for service planning and development
  • For staff and service user induction and development and programme evaluation
  • Purchasers and commissioners can use it as a benchmarking tool
  • As a reference, it may be used to help providers, purchasers and service users reduce risk and defend decisions and actions. PAS 150 aims to stimulate innovation and commitment to excellence

PAS 150: 2010, p. 2


The Code of Practice is for use by providers* of rehabilitation services regardless of their employment environment, target population or area of specific expertise. This includes case managers** and case management companies, case coordinators, care managers, disability managers, employment advisors, and others involved in any type of rehabilitation.

* provider – is an ‘organisation or sole practitioner whose business is to supply rehabilitation’
** case coordination – refers to a multitude of titles (often dependent upon the goal and stage of rehabilitation and the environment within which the coordinator works), including but not limited to: ‘general practitioner, key worker, case manager, care manage, community matron, specialist commissioner, disability management, rehabilitation consultant, and employment advisor

Purchasers and Commissioners

The PAS 150 Code of Practice is also of interest and benefit to purchasers who can use it as a benchmarking tool. Non-adherence in healthcare wastes valuable and scarce resources, and provides lower quality outcomes.

Service Users

PAS 150 is also of interest and value to service users. It encourages service user independence and autonomy, and supports the service user’s journey through early and specialist rehabilitation, community rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation. The service user’s rights and responsibilities, especially related to choice and control, are at the core of PAS 150’s service delivery. Their personal goals inform decision-making throughout. It recognises service users’ experience and expertise and seeks to strengthen their contribution.


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Everyone involved in rehabilitation in the UK understands the imperative for effective services to be delivered efficiently with value to all involved and achieve desirable outcomes.

kendallburton offer you the opportunity to have your service independently audited to the highest professional standards at competitive rates in order to demonstrate that it meets or exceeds applicable standards and codes of practice.

Who is kendallburton certification for?

The kendallburton Certification Mark is for the provider of an applicable Service. Usually this is a group of people working together in an organisation or company. It is not suitable for an individual to seek certification, unless they are a sole-practitioner.

Certification is given for the service, the organisation, or the company as a whole. Certification is not given for each individual within that service – that is to do with training, qualifications and professional competency.


Why get kendallburton certification?

kendallburton is a fully independent certification provider. We have a highly regarded team with international experience in providing comprehensive services.

We believe that our success is due to our ability to understand our client’s requirements and to offer our expertise in a manner that responsive, flexible and friendly. We understand the need for quality.

Each application for certification is dealt with as unique. We carefully tailor the process to each client’s needs and circumstances. This is based on our core values of always providing transparent and understandable information, acting with professional integrity and ethics, and striving for excellence. We are motivated to work with integrity and to the highest standards.

However, we believe that the single most important reason why you should choose kendallburton is that you can be sure to receive not just certification, but also practical, pragmatic, and solution-focused recommendations on how to improve and enhance your services. We offer you a consultative certification process.


What does first time certification entail?

The process has been designed to be as straightforward as possible. The client completes a pre-audit questionnaire, followed by a kendallburton site visit, and certification is issued (possibly after improvements that were suggested have been made).

There is a minimum two-month period for completion of the Certification process. Achieving certification is more easily granted when services systematically prepare themselves in advance. Many organisations find it useful and practical to assign a staff member as the responsible person to keep the certification preparation moving forward with the target survey date in mind.


Step 1. Client signs an intention to be audited, and requests a copy of the relevant pre-audit questionnaire and certification manual, and these are provided on payment of the initial audit fee.
Step 2. The client completes the kendallburton pre-audit questionnaire (with reasonable telephone support as required). The client also schedules the site visit and inspection.
Step 3. Site visit and inspection conducted, follow-up interviews completed and all audit data collected and collated.
Step 4. Audit report is provided to the client, following payment of the on-site inspection and audit fee and agreed costs.
Step 4(b) If necessary, the client will be offered a reasonable period of time to make improvements so that re-audit can be conducted and an updated report issued (this may attract a further administration fee).
Step 5. Certification issued. This can be renewed annually.


What does annual renewal of certification entail?

You need to complete a brief questionnaire and have a short telephone interview. A small administration fee is paid, and a new annual certification certificate is issued.


What is the intention to be audited?

It is merely a signed statement on your part that you wish to be audited by kendallburton to determine whether your service meets the criteria in the applicable Standard or Code of Practice. It constitutes an agreement that you will abide by the process and participate to your best ability so that a true and accurate audit can be performed.


What is certification?

It is a proven method of quality improvement using a systematic and fact-based approach. It provides independent verification to all parties that services meet or exceed consensus-based criteria. The purpose is to improve outcomes.

Certification ensures adherence to a minimum standard of service delivery, and provides a sound basis for improvement.

It is designed to bring about immediate and positive changes in practice when needed. The major technique is audit of both clinical and non-clinical aspects of services. Service audit is a quality improvement process that seeks to improve outcomes through a systematic process of review against explicit criteria followed by the implementation of change.

The difference between research and audit is often summarised

Research asks, “What should we be doing?”
Audit asks, “Are we doing it properly?”

Certification adds value to services. In the past, there was a preference for measuring process over outcome, but this view is no longer sustainable. Independent professional audit includes evaluation of both the process and the outcomes. The objective is to help your organisation improve the quality of services by meeting internationally recognised organisational and practice standards, and to help you demonstrate the value of this.

The goal is to look at look at what you are doing, help you learn from it, and improve it (changing practice only when necessary). The way in which the certification process is conducted strongly influences your ability to achieve the goal. Remember, kendallburton are rehabilitation experts too! Our approach is to use this rehabilitation philosophy to look for positive and practical ways to overcome or navigate around obstacles in the quest to help enhance the services you provide. This means if something needs to be improved we’ll tell you straight, but we’ll also do our very best to help you understand why and how you can do it better.


What is kendallburton certification?

Clients (services and rehabilitation providers) can apply to be granted the kendallburton Certification Mark. This provides independent verification that your Service meets or exceeds the applicable Standard or Code of Practice.

There are two types of certification available:

First-time Certification

To obtain your first Certification it is necessary to complete a pre-audit questionnaire and have the site inspection. The certificate indicates the service provided is of benefit to Service Users and meets or exceeds the applicable Standard or Code of Practice. How to Apply and Fees

Certification Renewal

This is granted on an annual basis. You need to complete a brief questionnaire and have a short telephone interview. A small administration fee is paid, and a new annual certificate is issued. How to Apply and Fees

kendallburton is strongly committed to professional integrity and quality across all types of healthcare and rehabilitation, and therefore reserves the right to refuse certification or withdraw it if necessary (i.e. provide designation as ‘non-certification’).


What to expect in a kendallburton certification report

All kendallburton audit reports are written specifically for the client. Our primary task is to provide you with independent confirmation that the service meets or exceeds the applicable Standard or Code of Practice. This information is of great benefit to both Providers and Funders/Commissioners.

We always focus on whether the service

However, the certification report goes beyond these aspects by offering feedback and suggestions on how the service can be enhanced or improved to better meet the standards outlined in the Code of Practice.


How can kendallburton certification be displayed?

Of course, you are welcome to tell as many people who will listen to you! In addition, we offer three main methods for you to use so that you can demonstrate that you meet or exceed the applicable Standard or Code of Practice:


How confidential is the information shared with kendallburton?

We strive to act with the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and information governance at all times. In all circumstances any information disclosed to us is held in a fully confidential state, and you should understand that we do not seek specific clinical or commercial information. We use the best markers and indicators of good quality that are available. We meet the criteria and indicators of best practice in clinical audit the have been developed to an agreed, definitive, widely consulted, and consensus standard. Naturally, data from the pre-audit questionnaire, the onsite inspection, and the audit report needs to be held throughout the lifetime of the certification that is granted. This is held entirely electronically, using industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption. We will never share your email address, or other contact information, with any other party.


Who is kendallburton?

We have a great deal of experience as rehabilitation providers and managing these services, and have conducted a large number of audits for a wide variety of services and organisations in several countries.



Today Get a copy of the applicable Standard


Tomorrow Apply for certification

Next Week Conduct a self-evaluation using the pre-audit questionnaire, and implement the standards and code of practice

Next Month Collate all the information required, schedule the onsite inspection, and get ready


It’s that straightforward!


Certification that your case management, case coordination, or rehabilitation service meets applicable standards

We offer audit, compliance and training to key UK Standards and Codes of Practice:

Look for the kendallburton standards Certification Mark